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Computer Networks


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This 5-6 week scheme of work introduces students to the concept of computer networks. They will learn about:

  • the purpose of networks
  • the advantages and disadvantages of networks
  • the hardware needed to create a network
  • network topologies
  • LANs and WANs
  • Data packets and routing
  • Physical connections from the home to the internet

Resources include:

  • Specially written student pages for each lesson which promote self-guided learning
  • Videos and interactive resources (made specifically for this scheme of work) with accompanying tasks
  • 6 lesson plans
  • 6 starter and plenary activities
  • 6 extension tasks
  • 5 homework activities


NOTE: Students will require a user name and password to access the resources. When you log in as a teacher your school's student login and password will be displayed on the 'login successful' page.