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Introduction to HTML & CSS


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This scheme of work provides an introduction to writing HTML 4 and external CSS sheets.

Students will work through a series of exercises with the help of step-by-step instructions and videos.

By the end of the project they will have developed a website consisting of 3-4 pages. They will write these pages by hand using HTML code and control the formatting and style through an external CSS file (which they will also write themselves).

This scheme of work has been designed so that you can literally pick it up and use it with no additional planning required.

Resources included in this project are:

  • Specially written student pages which promote self-guided learning
  • 24 videos
  • 6 detailed lesson plans
  • 6 starter and plenary activities
  • Suggestions for extension tasks

Please note that this SoW does not take into account web design principles and the students' web pages will look quite basic. The premise of this SoW is to learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. Web design principles will be covered in a separate project.

NOTE: Students will require a user name and password to access the resources. Please speak to your teacher to ask for your login details.