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Boolean logic, truth tables & logic gates


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Lesson 1

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Lesson 2

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This scheme of work introduces Boolean logic, AND, OR and NOT logic gates and their corresponding truth tables. It covers these concepts in easy to follow steps which students readily understand.

By the end of the second lesson, most students will be able to confidently create logic gates and truth tables and be able to apply their learning to simple IF ...THEN programming statements.

This scheme of work has been designed so that you can literally pick it up and use it with no additional planning required.

Resources in this unit include:

  • 3 professionally produced videos to support the key concepts about boolean logic
  • Engaging lesson tasks
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Starter and plenary activities for each lesson
  • Suggestions for extension tasks

NOTE: Students will require a user name and password to access the resources. When you log in as a teacher your school's student login and password will be displayed on the 'login successful' page.