Your NEW Teach-ICT website

We are working hard behind the scenes to bring you a brand new website with all new content for the Computer Science curriculum.


When will the new site be released?

We are planning to launch the new site in September but we will be releasing content as it is developed from June onwards.


Why are you making these changes?

The curriculum has changed focus in the last year with a move towards computer science being taught over traditional ICT content. Although we have always had some content for computer science, our main focus, until now, has been ICT. However, we have listened to all of your feedback about how you want more resources suitable for teaching computer science. Our new website will provide the content that you have been asking for.


What content will you be covering?

We will be providing new computer science teaching materials for:

KS3 Computer Science

OCR GCSE Computer Science J276 (New specification for teaching from Sept 2016)

AQA GCSE Computer Science 8520 (New specification for teaching from Sept 2016)

OCR AS Computer Science HO46 (Sept 2015 specification)

OCR A Level Computer Science H446 (Sept 2016 specification)


What will happen to all of the content that I currently use?

All of the content that you use and love on the current site will still be available for you to use at any time, nothing will be removed from the site. All of the links will remain the same.


What will happen to my current subscription?

Your subscription will continue running as normal without interruption. You will be able to access all of the new content as well as all of the older content with your current subscription.


I am a new subscriber will I still be able to access the old content?

Yes. You will have access to all of the content on, both old and new.


Will the cost of my subscription go up next time?

Absolutely not. We have kept the price of the subscription exactly the same for the past 8 years - no increases, ever!










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