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1. Introduction

Technology has always had an impact on human culture, for example the printing press made it cheaper and easier to spread knowledge and beliefs.

And with the rise of the Internet, it has never been easier to spread the values of a culture to other people around the world.

And yet despite this incredible benefit, it has some downsides as well. Think of these questions:

  • Is there a digital divide, where some have access and others do not?
  • Are some people engaging in obnoxious behaviour online, something they would not dare do face to face?
  • Does being online so much lead to fewer friends and expeiences in real life?
  • Can dangerous ideas and beliefs be spread too easily?

This section will cover some of the technologies that have most impacted culture in the West. However, this is such a broad topic and we can't possibly cover every angle. We suggest that you try to keep up-to-date with technology news stories and think about the impact that different examples have on their relative stakeholders.